Desktop Sharing with with and Do more with Internet Explorer 7

Please note that ActiveX works with Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser and Conference Chat software and now with Firefox and Mozilla.

Click the room logo image above the "List of Members" in the top left corner of the conference chat room. If the moderator is using desktop sharing then open applications on his or her desktop will appear in the browser window of the conference chat room above the text chat panel. When opening the desktop sharing for the first time you will be asked to accept a "ActiveX Control" please respond with yes to download and run to install the ActiveX control.

Problems With ActiveX?

When browsing for desktop sharing, visitors using Windows Internet Explorer may receive alert boxes that look something like one of the following:


You are receiving these errors because the desktop sharing webpage uses special ActiveX controls to enhance the browsing experience of the conference sites.

Visitors have an option for fixing these problems in Internet Explorer:

Enable ActiveX without prompting:

Go to the "Tools" menu and select the "Internet Options.." options

In the "Internet Options" window that appears, click the "Security" tab.

Click the "Custom Level..." button.

In the "Security Settings" window that appears, set the "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins" and "Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting" options to "Enable".

Firefox ActiveX Add-on

In Firefox click on "Tools" then "Extensions" a pop up window will open click on "Get More Extensions" then copy and paste this URL into the address bar of the page that opened. A new page will open about "IE Tab" an Firefox extension from Taiwan. A quarter of the way down that webpage is an "Install Now" link click on it and a pop up box will appear then click on "Install Now" when it has finished downloading the ActiveX extension.

Restart Firefox and go to "Tools" then "IE Tab Options" and type in the ActiveX websites or pages that you want to see and add them to the list like this picture below.

For example type in the "URL:" box :- and then click on the buttons "Add" and "OK". Now go to a webpage that needs an ActiveX control extension. Here is an example of a webpage that has one.

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