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How it works - The Nitty Gritty

Servicer Provider Payment Agreement with Woodie’s Trade Signals to be confirmed by participator agreeing to pay $20 per product with a minimum of TWO products, in advance each week via their PayPal account making a total payment of $200 per week, in return for being provided with 5 days of Woodie’s Trade Signals shown in the Chat Room. This payment agreement is not a contract and can be stopped at the end of any given week and the following week’s advance payment of $200 cancelled. All three products can be chosen.
$20 per day per product with a minimum of TWO products for one week (5 days) = $200 to be paid by weekly advance payment via PayPal each week to Woodie’s Trade Signals (talkslive@gmail.com)
Traders can sign up to Woodies TradeSignals on any day of the week but, if they sign up, say, on Wednesday; they will pay the weekly subscription on the Wednesday and they can start to trade from the next day (Thursday) as we have to have time to receive their confirmations and details as requested on the Sign-Up email, set up their password and verify the signals they wish to trade, etc.
Therefore, in their first week, they will only trade Thursday and Friday and because refunds are made by 09.30EST on Mondays only, they will be refunded the $40 per day for the first three days of the previous week for which they had not subscribed (and any other refunds owed) and their next will cover Monday-Friday as normal, even though their subscription goes out on a Wednesday and so the client is now in line with all the Monday-to-Friday traders which is necessary from an administration point of view as we only make weekly refunds once a week - by 09.30EST on each Monday, which gives us time to analyse the previous weeks results regarding refunds owed.
If the client cancels the subscription at any time other than the day of the week he first subscribed no refunds will be given for any untraded days and his unique password will be turned off at the end of his subscription week. Any refunds owed for non-winning trades will be made at the usual time by 09.30EST on the following Monday.
Any daily refunds i.e. $20 for each product each day that does not have a positive outcome will be refunded by the service provider to subscriber against that previous week’s payment.
Log In Password to Chat Room will be changed on a weekly basis.
Trading Days that clash with national holidays when the NYSE does not trade will be automatically refunded at the end of that week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost me?
Woodie’s Trade Signals will cost you $20 per trading day per product with a minimum selection of TWO products (Total $40 per day) (Mon- Fri). On days where the total results of the trade signals are not positive is will not cost you at all! You money will be refunded for those trading days!
What is counted as a successful (winning) trading day?
A successful trading day is one where the results of the trade signals sent on that day were each product has a positive outcome.
Will there just be one trade signal each day?
Usually there will be one trade signal each day but there will be times, when the markets get lively, that there may be more.
How will I receive these signals and what will I see?
Trade signals will be notified on the Chat Room screen.
Do you modify these trade signals at all at any time?
Sometimes you might receive a notification to modify either the Target or Stop level.
Do you use Stop Losses?
Yes, Woodie’s system uses multiple stop losses daily and also on each trade and you can use your own.
What if I don’t get to execute a trade?
It is your responsibility to act on trade signals sent to you as you will be charged the daily $20 per product charge if the total daily result is positive, even if you haven’t taken it. It is not the responsibility of Woodie’s Trade Signals if you do not or cannot watch the Chat Room due to circumstances out of their control.
Would you trade the signals on my behalf?
No, this system is an education only system that provides trade signals. It is up to you to trade, or for you to contact your broker to trade any signal pointed out. Woodie’s Trade Signals is not an investment company and does not trade it’s own signals, except for testing and analysis purposes.
There are no guarantees, Woodie’s Trade Signals are signals that, according to indicators and market scrutiny and analysis.
Can I cancel Woodie’s Trade Signals?
Yes, of course you can - just let us know by email. talkslive@gmail.com or press the "Subscribe Today" buttons below and select "Cancel Subscription" - There is no contract, no membership fee and you can cancel anytime you like at the end of a trading week i.e by end of trading hours on Friday

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