WoodiesBars Chat room
I will introduce new type price bars called WoodiesBars and other new things to help the trader be successful.
I have been a trader for 40 years, and for the last 15 years I’ve had chat rooms for all to learn to trade correctly using the CCI Indicator...Which turned out great for many.
I now have a chat room for traders that are serious and want to use something that is new, but also is revolutionary, and the only place they can trade it is in the WoodiesBars chat room.
Results have been overwhelming and our goal is for ALL in the room to be winners and we are filling that goal.
Again different from the same old stuff that people talk about or use. That is the reason that it works so very well. 
We also show live charts in room.
Join us in the chat room to discover a way to help you be successful in your trading. Remember, we are looking for traders that are serious and willing to do what it takes to be successful in the trading arena.
Ken (Woodie) Wood
The WoodiesBars charts are viewable within Internet Explorer or any browser for WoodiesBars chat room members.
There are 2 separate chart views, each one resides on an internet server, running TradeStation or NinjaTrader displaying
1 one of the following chart views YM and CL.

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